Welcome to the NMKR Studio Knowledge Hub. All the information you require to learn the basics are here. We also explain how and how you should utilise these tools for your business.

What is NMKR Studio?

NMKR Studio is a toolset consisting of a web app and accompanying API that enables you to create, manage, and sell NFTs at scale on the Cardano blockchain. It has been built to empower large projects with a smooth sales and distribution process.

Why was NMKR Studio created?

We help brands, companies, and creators build custom NFT solutions. It's designed for large-scale or complex NFT collections and built to be integrated into websites and dApps.
It empowers users by allowing them to focus on the rest of the business while we let us handle the complexities of minting and selling NFTs.

What is NMKR Studio not?

It's not a marketplace that potential buyers can use to purchase your NFTs. (Although we are building one)
It's not a service intended for someone with no technical experience to use to mint their NFTs.
It's not currently a service for minting NFTs on any other blockchain other than Cardano.

What type of person is NMKR Studio made for?

We have worked tirelessly to remove as much of the technical difficulty as possible for creators such that most people proficient with computers will be able to get their project live.
You do NOT need to be a Developer or Computer Scientist.
To use the NMKR Studio to its full extent to build complex, custom solutions, some technical knowledge is required, specifically about how to implement and use APIs. Developers will find the integration familiar to work with since we use many common API patterns that exist today.

How does NMKR Studio help me?

We handle the harder technical parts of launching a large-scale NFT project on Cardano such as:
  • Interacting directly with the Cardano blockchain
  • Scaling with a heavy load of potential buyers
  • Updating the Cardano nodes from time to time
  • Building an intuitive web app to help you understand your business metrics
  • Interfacing with partners like IPFS
  • Allowing for on-demand minting to save from upfront ADA costs
We want to make NFTs on Cardano accessible to everyone and this is our first step towards that goal.

What are some features of NMKR Studio?

There is a robust and growing number of capabilities offered by NMKR Studio such as:
  • Mass minting and NFT management via a robust Developer API
  • Unique reservation mechanism used to prevent multiple people from buying the same NFT
  • Comprehensive website to manage projects/NFTs and view your sales, transactions, and revenue
  • Summaries of your NFT sales and business metrics using visualizations
  • Utilities such as sending directly to wallets, royalties, metadata validation, and more.
If there are features you would like to see us build in the future let us know on Twitter or email us at [email protected].

Is there a video walk-through available for NMKR Studio?

Yes, here is a walk-through of the first version of NMKR Studio by its creator, Patrick Tobler.
A high level walk-through of an early version of NMKR Studio

What do I need to get started with NMKR Studio?

The best place to start is to read though our Step-By-Step Workflow, which will give you a good idea of what you need to do.
At a minimum, we need your email, name, and address to create an account with NMKR Studio.
We advise that you also have a Cardano wallet that you own to route the ADA to from your sales instead of using the Internal Wallet that is assigned to you after you create your account. You can learn more about managing your wallets on the Account Settings page.
It doesn't cost anything to get started with NMKR Studio. We only charge you when you mint NFTs by taking a small part of each sale in ADA. If you're curious as to the exact pricing, see our FAQ page.
If you already have an NMKR Studio account, you can log in here.