Payout Wallets
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As part of setting up any project, the first thing to do is sort out which wallet you want the proceeds from your sales to go to!
We support linking external wallets to automatically send minting sale proceeds to one (or multiple) wallets of your choosing.

External Wallets

An external wallet (payout wallet) is your personal custodial wallet which you must specify in your project in order to receive the funds of your sales.
You can submit an external wallet address by following the illustrated instructions below:
Click on the "Wallets" tab on the bottom left of the Dashboard screen of your account. You will be presented with The "Wallets" screens where you can view and submit your external ADA wallet addresses. To submit a new address, click on "Enter Address".
A pop-up screen will allow you to submit a new wallet address, and you can also add an identifier in the "Comment" box. Click "Submit wallet address to confirm. That's it!
Submit wallet screen
Note - take care to ensure you submit the exact address!
On submission, you will see that the new wallet shows as "Not Confirmed Yet" and you will find an email in your mailbox where you can confirm it. The email will look something like:
Confirm Wallet Email
As you confirm the wallets, they changed to a "Confirmed" Status.
Confirmed/Not Confirmed Wallets

Project Payout Wallet

Now you have at least one external wallet confirmed, you can set it as the payout wallet for your project. You can find this in the bottom right of the first screen, of the "Create New Project" Page.
Selecting as a payout wallet
In the above case, this will be the main payout wallet for this project. If you wish to split funds across multiple wallets, follow the guide below.

Multi-Wallet Payouts

You may be part of a team that has agreed a certain percentage be given team members or there may be other reasons why you may want to split funds received from sales across multiple EXTERNAL wallets.
Note - this is for splitting received funds between wallets by a percentage, it has no relation to a maximum total for any wallet.
For context - you cannot implement something like 'payout no more than 1000 ADA to this wallet'.
First of all, you need to submit an activate more than one External wallet, you can do this by following the guide above. Once done, go to the projects view and select the "Additional Payout Wallets" Icon.
Additional Payout Wallets
For the purpose of this guide, we will only discuss the percentage option, as it is the most clear and most common use case.
You will then be greeted with a screen that allows you to add wallets. Selecting this button presents a popup window like below, where you can choose to split the payout either by percentage or a fixed amount. In the below option, Wallet A will receive 30% of the proceeds from the NFT sales from this project.
Wallet A gets a 30% Split
This next part is quite maths based, but to summarise, this system works by allowing you to split NO MORE THAN 60% across multiple wallets. Any remaining ADA will then be sent to the Project Selected Wallet.
Note - this is to ensure that more than 1 ADA is distributed to each wallet
An Example:
  • NFT Prices are set to 24 ADA each
  • Wallet A set to 30%
  • Wallet B set to 20%
  • Wallet C set as the Project Payout Wallet
  • In the above case, for the sale of a single NFT:
    • ~2 ADA will be taken as the NMKR Studio Fee
    • ~2 ADA will be sent to the minter as the min ADA to transact with an NFT
    • ~20 ADA will remain as proceeds from the sale
    • Wallet A will receive 6 ADA
    • Wallet B will receive 4 ADA
    • Wallet C will receive the remaining 10 ADA
Note - You may decide to go with the default of 100% going to the Project Payout Wallet.
This is ok, as long as the team trust that the owner of this wallet will distribute the funds as agreed in the Team.
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