Customer Specific NFT Minting

This page describes the various methods by which you can allow your community to mint specific NFTs from your collection.
There are two high level use cases for Specific NFT Minting. Either:
  • You want to give customers an interface where they will ONLY be able to mint a specific NFT
    • Allow people to buy 'this special NFT'
    • Allow people to mint a custom NFT make for them
    • Online treasure hunt
    • Many other possibilities
  • You want to mint the NFTs and send them to a wallet (see this guide)
    • Mint an NFT for yourself
    • Mint an NFT for your team
    • Mint an NFT to giveaway
This guide directs you to everything related to giving customers an interface where they can mint a specific NFT.
For the majority of projects, the best way to go is to use the NMKR Pay. This method provides the best user experience, is best for the blockchain and is very simple to set up. The Payment Gateway can be embedded on your site with copy-pasted code and provides a very clean, professional payment screen that ensures users only send payments that results in minting.
For more advanced users, who want something fully customisable, then we also have the API. You can integrate that to a custom-made vending machine on your website.

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