Manual Minting
This page describes the various methods by which you can mint any NFTs from your collection and send them to any wallet that you desire.
You want to mint the NFTs and send them to a wallet of your choosing:
  • Mint an NFT for yourself
  • Mint an NFT for your team
  • Mint an NFT to giveaway
  • Mint an NFT ahead of the Sale to sell on a Secondary Market
This feature can be used in various situations, such as if you plan to distribute NFTs to stakeholders in the project, send NFTs as giveaways or simply just want to mint something for yourself. The advantage to doing this means you pay the minimum fees to mint your own NFTs (which makes sense as, its your project!).

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Using the UI

Manually minting via the UI is the easiest (and by far the most commonly used method) by which you can manually mint NFTs. Fees for this activity are taken from your Mint Coupons Balance. You can either watch the video or follow the written guide below.

Video Guide

How to manually mint NFTs

Purchase Mints

To do this, you first need to navigate to your dashboard and select your Icon to show your settings and options. One of these options is 'Buy Mints', select this.
Buy Mints
You will then see the following pop up box, which will ask you to specify how many Mints you want to buy. Moving the slider will change this and will adjust the cost of this action to match the number of mints.
In the example below, this user is purchasing 5 Mint Coupons, which will allow them to mint 5 NFTs, at a cost of 22.5 ADA.
Buy Mint Coupons
Once you have decided how many Mint Coupons you need, a wallet address be displayed. You then need to send some ADA to this address.
Note - always check that you have copied the address correctly, sending to a different address will lose your funds forever.
Once the payment is received (should be around 5-10 minutes depending on the Cardano Network) it will be displayed in the top left of your dashboard.

Minting an NFT

With your Mint Coupons now purchased, you should navigate to the project and NFT that you want to mint, on the right you will see an option for 'Mint and send to address' - click this.
Mint and send to address
Doing so will show the following screen, with an empty box where you need to insert the Cardano Wallet Address that you wish to send the NFT.
Mint and send NFT
With the address field now filled in, pressing 'Mint and send NFT' will initiate the process:
  • NFT will go into the 'Reserved' state
  • NFT will be minted
  • NFT will be sent to the specified address
  • NFT minting fees will be deducted from mint coupons
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