This page describes how to use the Payment Gateway for your project

Why NMKR Pay

Note - yes, this works with WordPress sites, you can literally copy and paste the code, it takes 2 mins.
The Payment Gateway was created as a solution to many of the issues from the early days of the CNFT ecosystem. Specifically, it solves:
  • Wallet Integration
  • Defending Mints from Bots
  • Reducing on-chain congestion
  • Clean and consistent User Interface (See Below!)
  • No TX's for sold out projects
This solution does require you to have a website (as is the norm for any project) and you will need almost-zero coding skills to use it (as we provide the code for you to copy-paste).

Excellent User Interface

Payment Gateway User Interface

How it works

Note - it is very important that you be VERY CLEAR the real minting website - make sure your community can identify it.
This is our flagship minting interface and it works based on two parts:
  • A set of prices
  • A button on your website, that launches the Gateway
  • Once Launched, our Gateway handles everything else.
Using this option, you will set up specific price/quantity pairs, copy paste the Gateway code and then our Gateway handles everything else.
Once launched, the Gateway checks to see if any NFTs are available (not sold or reserved) and if they are, it displays the price and the number of NFTs the user is purchasing. It then allows the user to either sign the transaction with their integrated wallet (we support most light Cardano wallets) to be displayed a unique wallet address for the user to send to manually using other wallets.
The NFTs sent will be RANDOM.
The Gateway checks if there are NFTs still in stock before allowing users to pay. If they are sold out (or all reserved) then users cant send a TX.
Using the integrated wallet signing removes the possibility of errors and thus, refunds will not be required. If people send an unspecified amount of ADA, or the project has sold out by the time the TX reaches the blockchain, then we will automatically refund them (minus TX fees).

Random NFTs

This will be the option for most projects who want users to send ADA and then receive random NFTs.

Video Tutorial

This video tutorial quickly guides you through how you can copy and paste some code onto your website to add the PaymentGateway. Alternatively, you can read the documentation below.
How to set up the Payment Gateway on your website


You will first need to set up Prices for your project, you can do this by visiting the 'Manage NFT Prices' section in your project or see this guide for how to do it.


Now that you have Prices ready, let's look at the Payment Gateway.
We should still be In the 'Manage NFT Prices' screen from just now creating our prices, if not please navigate to this and you will see the Payment Gateway options displayed by default.
You will see that at the moment it shows the following:
  • Paybutton Style (Customisable)
  • Paybutton Color (Customisable)
  • Price (Customisable)
  • Payment Gateway Link (Responds to customisation)
  • Button Link (Responds to customisation)
Payment Gateway Settings
At the moment we offer 3 button styles and 3 button colours, you can select the one thats right for your site using the drop down menus.
For example, in this case I have selected the black style 2 button and the quantity/price pair of 5/50.
Note - watch how the changes you make subtly adjust the code:
Link now ends with '&c=5'
Button now ends with '_2_3.svg'
Alternative Payment Gateway Settings
Note - you might be thinking "hold on, thats only one quantity/price pair". Don't worry, the we will cover that shortly.

Adding to your site

You will now see that the code has been customised based on your parameters. You can now copy all of this code using the button at the base of the page.
Example of the Payment Gateway Code in the NFT-MAKER Console
Note - In the above example '&c=5' will ALWAYS show the 5/50 Pair. (See highlight)
Copy Payment Gateway Code
You can now paste this code onto into your website and you will see that there is now a new button that looks identical to the one you selected in the settings. Remember though, this button will ONLY show the exact quantity/price pair you selected in the settings.

Quantity Options

This will work OK if you are happy for people to need a single button for each quantity/price pair but we can do better than that by setting up a quick drop down list for your users to select from (see below):
Example Drop-Down Menu Selection
Example Drop-Down Menu Options
Remember, all we need to do, is take the selected quantity from the user input and replace the c=1 with c=x in the where x is the selected amount (see examples quantity of 1, 5, 8 and 13 respectively):
To implement this dynamic user selection, you can add the following code to your website
<p style="text-align:center;">
<select id="NFT">
<option value="None">-- Select --</option>
<option value="1">1</option>
<option value="2">2</option>
<option value="3">3</option>
// change const paymentUrl = "https://payment.nmkr.io/?p=29e512...039&c="+NFT.value;
</script> </p>
You will see the comment on line 11 of the code, this is telling you to adjust the 5th line of the Payment Gateway code so that it uses the value set in the dropdown menu as the quantity.
This is as simple as changing:
We would like to thank ShelterPetsCNFT for providing this excellent Github repository with code for how to do this.

Community Guide

90 Second Video Tutorial
ShelterPetsCNFT/dropdownpayin at main · ShelterPetsCNFT/ShelterPetsCNFT
Shelter Pets Example
You will need there to be a match for the quantity:
  • On the dropdown menu
  • In the Payment Gateway Link
  • In the Pricing
Note - once you have set everything up, make sure to test all of the quantity combinations.
If these are not in sync, the Gateway will either fail (if the quantity/price option doesn't exist) or show the wrong price (if you have mapped the selections to the link incorrectly).

Specific NFTs

Note - You can try out the Payment Gateway by clicking 'Pay via NMKR.IO"


As this requirement is regarding selling one, specific NFT/ You will first need to set up at least a single quantity/price pair where quantity = 1. You can do this by visiting the 'Manage NFT Prices' section in your project or see this guide for how to do it.

Manual Minting UI

If there are specific situations where you want to be able to allow people to mint a Specific NFT using the gateway, you can do this by navigating to that NFT via the 'Manage NFT' option on your project. In the actions menu, select 'Sell this NFT via Payment Gateway'.
Specific NFT
You will then see a popup, showing you what the link will be.
Note how the link is split into 3 parts:
  • Base URL
    • https://payment.nmkr.io/
  • Project ID
    • p=1063.....06c5
  • NFT ID
    • n=b046......50bfa
Specific NFT Link
Anyone who then has this link and pastes it into the address bar of their browser will have the Payment Gateway displayed. It will be functionally identical to what we have mentioned above, but will only be able to mint that NFT you specified.

Custom URL (Advanced)

You may also decide to customise the way in which the Payment Gateway is launched on your site. To help with this, we have provided a full breakdown of how the URL query is structured.
The NMKR Pay is hosted at https://payment.nmkr.io.
The information about the NFT(s)/tokens being bought is transmitted via URL parameters. There are three payment cases the Payment Gateway supports as of today
The UIDs referenced below are shown in NMKR Studio. All UIDs must be specified WITHOUT hyphens. In general one simply wants to copy the generated links from NMKR Studio.

Single NFT, single token

PID is the UID (without hyphens, lower case) of the project the NFT belongs to.
NID is the UID (without hyphens, lower case) of the NFT itself.
NID is the UID (without hyphens, lower case) of the NFT itself.

Single NFT, multiple tokens

PID is the UID (without hyphens, lower case) of the project the NFT belongs to.
NID is the UID (without hyphens, lower case) of the NFT itself.
COUNT is the amount of tokens being bought. Must be >= 1.

Random NFT(s)/tokens

PID is the UID (without hyphens, lower case) of the project to buy NFTs from.
COUNT specifies how many NFTs/tokens should be bought. Must be >= 1.
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