All aspects of the Dashboard on the NMKR Studio web app.
The Dashboard allows you to visualize important information about your entire account.
Quickly answer questions like:
  • How many NFTs you've sold in total and in the past 24 hours
  • How much ADA your sales have generated, broken down by fees/mintings costs
  • How many transactions, fees incurred, and revenue you had month to month
  • How many NFTs are currently available for sale, on a reservation, or have been sold
  • What were my latest 5 transactions with their accompanying transaction id
It's where you can get an overview of your entire business and track the most important metrics when it comes to your NFTs.
The Dashboard is the complete overview of your NMKR Studio account, and is the default display when you login.
Please note that all sales and distribution data is for the combined NFT Projects you have in your account, and not specific to a particular project. To view metrics for a specific NFT project in your account, please see the Transactions section of the Knowledge Hub.
You can immediately see the following data:
  • (ADA) Total income: The total amount of ADA that your NFT Project(s) have generated.
  • (ADA) Last 24hrs: The ADA that your NFT Project(s) have generated in the last 24hrs.
  • Total Sales: The total number of NFTs that you have sold so far.
  • Last 24hrs: The number of NFTs that you have sold in the last 24hrs.
  • NFT Distribution: How many of your NFTs are Free for sale, Reserved or have been sold.
  • Proportions of Sales: Your sales revenue will be illustrated in the metrics as shown below.
In addition, we have also provided you with a sales chart that displays your ADA Revenue, TX Count and Fees/Costs Paid in the last 12 months, as illustrated below.
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