Managing Policies
We help take the complexities out of creating and managing the policies on the Cardano blockchain so only you have the ability to mint your NFTs

Minting policies

A policy on the Cardano blockchain represents a script that defines parameters like who can mint certain tokens and for how long they can be minted.
Because NFTs are native assets on Cardano, each one is associated with a policy.
This policy and the ID associated with it is often how Cardano NFTs are uniquely identified and how potential buyers/owners can identify their authenticity.
We suggest that after you create and mint under a policy, that you make the ID available to the public by putting it on your website, publishing it on your Discord, etc.
You also need to use your policy ID to register your NFT project on other platforms such as reselling NFTs on the secondary market.
Here is an example of a policy ID for an NFT:
Each policy ID exists in the metadata on the NFT.
Here is an example of an NFT's metadata, notice how the first key (line 2) matches the policy ID.
b48990272ecef6e618a3cd3f83511ce58606117daa0921191eac5903: {
Hoskinson0099LegendaryNone: {
Collection: "Charles Hoskinson",
Name: "Charles Hoskinson Cardano Caricature",
Rarity: "Legendary",
Series: "Cardano Caricatures",
Stamp: "None",
Twitter: "",
"Unique Variation": "Legendary Hoskinson (59 of 60)",
Website: "",
files: [
mediaType: "image/jpeg",
src: "ipfs://QmQAwuVZ41cVqDEvpLxtDC2pp1x8VoQJEqt5jTiCpXgPJe"
image: "ipfs://QmQAwuVZ41cVqDEvpLxtDC2pp1x8VoQJEqt5jTiCpXgPJe",
mediaType: "image/jpeg"
version: "1.0"
Learn more about how to configure the metadata for your NFTs.
You can view all of the assets (NFTs) minted under a policy with any Cardano blockchain explorer like Cardanoscan.

Creating a new policy

When you create a new policy using NMKR Studio, it handles creating the script, generating the keys, signing it, and preparing it for use on the blockchain.
Creating a new policy is simple, you just have to choose if you want the policy to lock in the future.
Locking the policy means that you select a certain date in the future and all NFTs must be minted before that date.
It could make sense to have your policy expire so you can guarantee that no other NFTs will be minted under the same one. Be sure to leave yourself enough time for your sale to occur. There is no limit on how far ahead in the future you can choose.
The locking date can't be changed afterwards, so please be careful! It will also stay the same if you use it in another project as it is on the blockchain. Unsold NFTs setup in NMKR Studio are not automatically burned after the policy locks.
You aren't required to choose a date for the policy to lock. If you don't select a date to lock your policy that means it can be used for minting NFTs forever.
If you initially create your policy on NMKR Studio and wanted to mint NFTs on your own or with another service under that same policy, then you can export the required details to do so.

Using an existing policy

If you've already minted your NFTs somewhere besides NMKR Studio and you want to continue to mint under that existing policy then you import it. Please keep in mind that the policy you want to use, is not locked. There is no way to change the locking date of a policy.
You must supply all of the following fields when using an existing policy in NMKR Studio:

Policy ID

The ID needs to match the policy you want to import.

Signing Key

The signing key is used to approve the transactions from minting the NFTs.

Verification Key

The verification key identifies who can be the one who can sign the transaction to mint the NFTs.

Policy Script

The simple policy script ties together the rest of the attributes and allows the verification key as a valid witness to use the signing key and mint under that specific policy ID.

Viewing your policies

You can view any policy that you have created or imported in NMKR Studio on the NFT Projects page.
On the list of your NFT Projects, under the Actions column is a link for Show Policy.
Show Policy icon
Here you can view the entire policy, export your keys, and get quick access to your policy ID.
View your Policy ID and export your keys

Duplicate your Project

Our first goal is to create a Second Identical Project (this will hold the fraction of the total supply you plan to allocate to whitelist buyers). Keeping this separate allows you the most control over the minting and ensures the best experience for your community. To do this, navigate to your main project.

Export Policy Keys

Step 1 - Select 'Show Policy'
Next, we want to export the PolicyID information, so that we can copy it into our WhiteList Project.
Note - NEVER share your Skey ANYWHERE
Step 2 - Select 'Export Policy Keys'
You should then find a ZIP file in your downloads, extract and you will find it contains 4 files as shown below (with your Project Name as the prefix):
Step 3 - Check all 4 files are there, keep this folder open

Import Policy Keys

Next, create a new project and fill in the details, make it identical to the original, but note that this is the WhiteList project. Navigate to the Policy ID details section and select Existing Policy.
Step 4 - Select 'Existing Policy'
You now need to open those 4 files and copy paste the relevant data into the fields, matching how we have outlined above. To get to the information inside the files, open them with a simple text editor like TextEdit (Apple) or Notepad (Windows).
Step 5 - Open each file with a text editor
Step 6 - For all four of the attributes .policyid, .skey, .vkey and .script files, you can simply copy the entire file contents and paste this into the correct fields in the form.
Note - if you do this correctly, you will be able to move to the 'Next' screen, if not, you will see an error.
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