Deleting Files
This guide covers the situations where you have uploaded files to NFT-MAKER but you have NOT minted the NFTs


This section covers how you can delete files from the NFT-MAKER console, you want to use this BEFORE they are minted if you need to make any changes to the project.
There are several ways you can do this:
For most users, you will probably find it easier to use the UI or SFTP methods depending on how many need to be deleted.
Note - take a second to assess the situation before deleting your NFTs, if the issue is only with the metadata, you can edit this.

Manually via UI

Using the UI is best for deleting small quantities or specific NFTs as it is manual.
To do this, first navigate to the NFT in the console and press the delete button.
Delete NFT (Bin Icon)

Manually via SFTP

Using SFTP is better for deleting larger quantities in bulk.
To do this login to the SFTP server using the same method as demonstrated in the upload process.
Once logged in, you can select the media and/or metadata files and delete them using cyberduck.

Programmatically via API

The API method is best suited to people with good programming skills who have decided that:
  • Have a good understanding of API's
  • Have a good understanding of programming in general
  • Have assessed the situation and determined it is easier to write some code that selects the exact NFTs they want to delete than to do it via the above mentioned manual methods.
To do this, use the DeleteNft API method call.
Full API documentation can be found here.
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