Easy Metadata Upload
With this method you can upload your metadata using a CSV file, which will be useful if you are more familiar with Spreadsheet software like Excel.
This guide shows how you can now use spreadsheet software for your NFT metadata. This will be most helpful to people who are not familiar with the usual JSON format or already have the data in a spreadsheet or CSV file.
Simply put, you can now use Excel to upload your NFT Metadata.
You can watch this 5 minute video or read the documentation below based on your preference.

Video Guide

Video Tutorial



There are a small number of steps to take for this activity:
  1. 1.
    Create your Metadata in your spreadsheet
    1. 1.
      Or directly in CSV
    2. 2.
      Then Export to CSV file
  2. 2.
    Check your CSV file looks right
  3. 3.
    Review your Metadata Template
  4. 4.
    Use SFTP and Bulk Upload your Media first
  5. 5.
    Drag-and-drop your CSV file into SFTP
  6. 6.
    Check in the console

Spreadsheet Metadata

Note - as this is related to Metadata, we are going to use certain keywords to make it clear:
Raw Metadata = the Metadata as is stored on your computer, not in the JSON format
Template Metadata = the NFT MAKER template you will design
Final Metadata = the Metadata in its final, blockchain ready, JSON format
First things first, set up your Raw Metadata in your spreadsheet.
Think about the attributes you want to give your NFTs, note that each attribute is limited to 64 Characters.
For context, here is my example Art, its various numbers of the NFT MAKER logo in different colours:
Example Art
For this example, here are the attributes I want to give my collection:
  • Logocount
    • The number of Logos
  • Logocolour
    • The colour of the Logo
  • Website
    • Link to the collection website (same for all assets)
  • Twitter
    • Link to the collection website (same for all assets)
You can imagine how you can add any further attributes like hairstyle, hat, background etc.
For reference, this is what my spreadsheet looks like:
Example Spreadsheet
Note - both File_name and Displayname Must be written exactly like this
You also need to match these to the media file names exactly

Create CSV File

You now need to convert this file to a CSV file, in Excel this can be done with:
File -> Save as and then in the filetype, select CSV.
In apple numbers, you can use File -> Export To -> CSV ...
You MUST save the file as "placeholder"

Check CSV File

You then want to open this new file, which will be called "placeholder.csv"
Make sure to do this in a low level text editor like Notepad on Windows and TextEdit on Mac.
Open With -> TextEdit
The file should look like this, make sure that each row is on a new line and that each column is separated by a Comma.
Example CSV Metadata

Review Metadata Template

You now need to make your Metadata Template align exactly with your CSV Headers.
For comparison, here is the Metadata Template I used for this project:
Note - these are case sensitive and match exactly to their corresponding parts in the CSV file.
You could literally copy this and add your own rows for your attributes.
"721": {
"<policy_id>": {
"<asset_name>": {
"name": "<asset_name>",
"image": "<ipfs_link>",
"Logocount": "<Logocount>",
"mediaType": "<mime_type>",
"Logocolour": "<Logocolour>",
"Website": "<website>",
"Twitter": "<twitter>"
"version": "1.0"

Bulk Upload Media

This guide picks up from where we left off on the previous guide showing you how to upload your Media Files with SFTP. If you have not done that yet, follow this guide first SFTP Bulk Upload but only focus on uploading your images/videos etc.

Upload CSV File

Now you are logged into SFTP and have all of your Media loaded, its time to drop your placeholder.csv file into your project!
This will probably take seconds as its a small file :)
CSV Loaded

Final Checks

You are now done! But, its always good to check!
Load up your NFTs in the console and review the Final Metdata for them:
Final Metadata Example
You can then also check this on Pool.pm to see how it will look when minted.
Well done - you now just need to Setup For Sale!
Example of how it would look when minted
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