Viewing & Editing NFTs
View all of your NFT details like ID, Asset Name, State, A preview of the image, links to IPFS, the IPFS hash, Sale Date and more.
Below is a demonstration of the multiple methods in which you can view your NFTs in the "Manage NFT" Dashboard with the definitions to follow:
  1. 1.
    The States are defined as
  • Minted - once minted on the blockchain
  • Sold - once sold to a buyer
  • Free - ready to be sold
  • Reserved - reserved but not paid
  • Error - something is wrong / contact us
  • Paid - paid is a temporary state which will result in sold or error if something is wrong
2. To view the NFT metadata, simply click the fingerprint link.
3. This dropdown menu allows you to show NFTs as defined by their state have.
4. You can edit the NFT and metadata completely by clicking this button. However, this cannot be edited once the NFT has been minted. Please contact us if you need this urgently.
5. You can use this search bar to find NFTs by specific NFT IDs.

Simulating Pre-Mint

As is good practise with any NFT project, it is wise to at least spot-check your collection to ensure it has uploaded correctly. To do this, you can copy the metadata and then paste it into the test zone.
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