Fiat Payments
We now support customers who wish to purchase NFTs using Fiat, if this is something you would like to activate for your project, please read this guide.
Note - at the time of writing, this feature uses the USDC 'stablecoin' on the Polygon Blockchain as the currency that we will payout your revenue as a project creator.
As a project creator, you will need to link your Polygon wallet to NMKR Studio.

Creator Guide


Enabling this setting allows your customers to purchase your NFTs using Fiat Currency on their Credit card via the NMKR Pay. This is a great way to reduce barriers to entry for people who are not yet accustomed to using crypto (or Cardano).
This is particularly useful for projects who are aiming to cater to markets outside of the Cardano (or wider crypto) ecosystem.
Note - enabling this option simply gives users the option to use it, they can still pay in ADA using the Payment Gateway. However, if a customer does choose to pay in this way, it removes our ability to implement features such as Sales Conditions or Refunds for that customer.

Where does the NFT go?

Great observation, if the customer doesn't pay using ADA then how can we send the NFT to them? They probably don't currently have an ADA wallet.
To solve this, we create a Temporary Wallet at runtime as part of the process. Once payment has been received, we then mint the NFT and send it to that new wallet. The customer is then encouraged to create their own Cardano Wallet and move their NFTs from the Temporary Wallet onto this, thus taking full custody.
If you are interested in the specifics of this, jump to this section.

Setup Video


Setup Documentation

To activate FIAT, you will need to have a Polygon wallet linked with your account, this wallet will then become the Payout Wallet where we will send all of the proceeds from your sales.
You can add this wallet using the usual process, with these settings:
Example Polygon Wallet Link
You must first create your project and then open the project settings using the edit button.
Edit your project
Navigate to the FIAT panel.
Navigate to the FIAT panel
Read the text, then enable FIAT Payment and select your Polygon Payout Wallet.
Enable and select your Payout Wallet
Save your changes.
Save changes
Well done, you now have activated FIAT payments on your project! Your customers can now pay using their Credit/Debit Card in Fiat currency!
Your users will now have this option available when using the Payment Gateway.
Note - this feature will not work if the total cost of the NFTs is close to the minimum (currently 6.5 ADA), for most projects priced above 10 ADA per NFT this will not be an issue.
Fiat Payment options are now visible to end users.

Customer Guide

This section is meant for customers who have queries about how this works, we would recommend that project creators share this with their community if required.
Note - this guide is written in a lot of detail as it is, by definition aimed at people who are brand new to Cardano, the actual process of making an NFT purchase with FIAT is extremely clear, with a UI that makes it simple.

User Guide Video


User Guide Doc

From an end user point of view, there are a small number of steps to complete, here is what to expect:

Select the quantity

First of all, the project you are looking to purchase will have set up a website where you can select how many NFTs you want to purchase, after making this choice, the NMKR Pay window will appear on your screen - it will look like this:
Example of the Payment Gateway

Select to pay with FIAT

Next, select to pay with FIAT (as can be seen by the Visa and Mastercard symbols)

Terms and Conditions

At this point you will be asked to read and agree to the terms and conditions, as well as confirm you are a human by passing the CAPTCHA.
Agree to Terms and Conditions
The CAPTCHA test will ask you to select images, like this:

Save temp wallet details

Note - it is absolutely CRITICAL that you keep this PDF file safe until you complete the taking custody process (after the purchase is complete). This PDF file contains the ONLY copy of the wallet seed data in existence, if you lose this before taking custody, then you will not be able to access your NFT.
Temporary Wallet Download
Once complete you this, you will be able to download the information relating to your Temporary Wallet. Keep this file safe!

Phone Number KYC

As this process works by purchasing crypto, a small KYC process must be passed, to do this you will need to enter your phone number. After submitting, you will receive a text with a 4 digit number, enter this one-time pass as instructed.

Confirm purchase (review the amounts of USDC etc)

The final step is a final review of the items you have select to purchase and the associated costs, take the time to check this over before proceeding.

View your NFT

Well done! You just purchased your NFT(s) using FIAT! It is now time to view your NFT, you can do this initially using the post-purchase screen in the Payment Gateway but lets have a look at it using a blockchain explorer!
To do this, open up that PDF file and scroll down to see the Wallet Address:
You can click the link to see the blockchain-level information.
Wallet Address is highlighted

Take custody of your NFT

Staying in that PDF file, we now want to take control of your wallet, you will see at the top that there is a set of 24 numbered words - this is your seed phrase.
Note - keep this seed phrase safe and NEVER share it with anyone!
You can think of this as an advanced master password - click the link to be directed to the AdaLite website, where you can recover the wallet.
Example Seed Phrase
Once on the AdaLite website, select the Mnemonic option.
You will then need to type in your words EXACTLY in order with spaces in between. Then press unlock and the wallet is yours!
Example Words
You have now taken your first steps into the Cardano Ecosystem - welcome to the community!
You can continue to use this wallet as your Cardano wallet, but you may prefer to create your own and transfer the NFTs across, if you want to do that then check our guide on getting started with Cardano.
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