Royalty Split Address

Split your royalties to different wallets

Royalty Split Address

Cardano uses the CIP-0027 standard for Royalties, which allows only one address to be used as the receiver address and it also cannot be changed later. With the Royalty Split Address, you can now specify an address that receives royalties and distributes them in different percentages to multiple receiver wallets. It also has the significant advantage of allowing you to change the receiving addresses at any time. You can also use an adahandle as the receiver address, which is useful if the project owner changes.
The Royaly Split Address will take 2 ADA for every outgoing transaction. To keep the cost of the splitting low, please use a high Treshold. A Treshold of 200 ADA means that the incoming funds will be collected till the treshold of 200 ADA is reached.

Create a Royalty Split Address

Go to the Royalty Split Address tab and click on 'create new split address'.
A new tab will open where you can enter all of the details about the new split address. Please double-check the values you're about to enter here, especially the percentages and addresses or adahandles.
Please provide a unique description for the royalty split address; this will help you in identifying the correct address if you set up multiple royalty split addresses in your account. The primary receiver address is the one that receives the majority of the royalties.
Split addresses can receive up to 50% of the total. Please click the '+' button to add more than one split address. Except for the main address, the split addresses also allow you to specify a date range for each receiving address individually. After you've entered all of the addresses, make sure to activate each one separately.
The treshold is the amount of ADA collected before the distribution begins, which aids in reducing micro-transactions. The Royaly Split Address will take 2 ADA for every outgoing transaction. To keep the cost of the splitting low, please use a high Treshold.
After entering all of the details, make sure to activate the Royalty Split Address and click'save'.
When configuring your royalties, you can now choose the Royalty Split Address from the dropdown.

Edit the royalty split address

By clicking on the edit button in the actions bar, you can change all details of the royalty split address except its own address, such as receiving addresses, percentages, and so on. You can change the information at any time.
Add your changes and then click on 'save'.

Use the Royalty Split address with only one Address

In case you want to use the Royalty Split address with only one receiving wallet because you want to take advantage of the editability, you can do so.
Enter your wallet address in the 'Main receiver' field and the same address in the'split address' field. Give it any percentage between 1% and 50%; the exact value is irrelevant because you will deactivate this split address. Click on 'save'.

Export your Keys

You have complete control of the Royalty Split Address. When you click the 'Export Keys' button, a Zip file containing your address, the sKey, and the vKey will be downloaded.

Show transactions

Clicking the 'Transactions' button gives you an overview of all incoming as well as outgoing transactions of the address.