Setting up Prices
Our user interface allows you to easily create quantity/price pairs for your project.

Video Guide

Video overview of how to use the price list


Once you are near your mint date it is time to set your pricing. To do this, navigate to your project and select 'Manage NFT Prices'. You will then be greeted with the option to create a new price. Select that button and fill in the fields:
Project Dashboard
Adding a new price, the currency now defaults to ADA
Note - remember to activate your price(s).
You can also enter dates when they will be active but leaving them blank is the default and will keep the de/activation manual. The goal here is to exactly match the price with the quantity (it's the price that we listen for on the blockchain). This means that you can decide to have 'discounts' for bigger purchases or set them however you want. You could chose something simple like I have where the user can buy 1-5 NFTs for 10 ADA each or even something like:
  • 90 ADA for 3 NFTs
  • 100 ADA for 7 NFTs
  • 300 ADA for 15 NFTs
The possibilities are endless, but remember that users can only purchase in quantities you specify. For the above, if a user wanted to mint 9 NFTs, they would have to send 3 TX's of 90 ADA and there is no way for them to only mint 1,2,3 or 5 ETC. Shown below is a more realistic example, where users can buy 1-5 NFTs for 10 ADA each:
Example Pricelist
Note - we currently allow for users to mint a maximum of 20 NFTs in one Transaction

Pricelist Discounts

Want to reward your community with discounts on the mint price? Look no further!
You will need to Setup prices first (as explained above).
Note - make sure to communicate how the discount will work to avoid surprises.
All users will send the full cost, but those who meet the criteria will be refunded the difference along with the NFT sent.
Using our Pricelist Discounts, you can use one of 3 currently available conditions to give reduced minting costs as you desire. This is a great feature that can be used to encourage not just your community, but members of other communities to get involved with your project. Lets look at the options:
Current set of Discount Condition Options
Note - if you use the additional payout wallet feature, the proceeds will be paid out after the discount is applied.

NFT Owners

The exact wording for this one is: "Discount when the Buyer have a minimum of x NFT with a Specific Policy ID"
This should be used when you want to ensure that a person already owns at least X amount of NFTs from another collection (Policy ID) to qualify for the discount. A good example of this would be 'You must hold at least 3 Series A NFTs to get the 10% discount".


The exact wording for this one is: "Only whitelisted addresses get the discount"
One of the most common use cases is known as the 'whitelist'. Essentially, this is used by projects who want to create a list of addresses that qualify for the discount. For example "You must be whitelisted to get the discount to get whitelisted you must..."

Stake Pools

The exact wording for this one is: "Discount when the buyer stake on a specific Stakepool"
Finally, this is a relatively new concept in the space that can be used to incentivise and reward people for staking to a specific stake pool. For example 'Only wallets that are currently staking to the NMKR Stake Pool will be able to mint this project'.


You can mix and match with the conditions with OR logic, whereby any wallet address that matches ANY of the conditions you set will gain the discount (discounts will NOT stack if they match multiple criteria).
Create new discount
To add a discount, first, select the Create New Discount Option, which will display a window with several options, you then need to:
  1. 1.
    Select the condition you want
  2. 2.
    Add in the details
    1. 1.
      For NFT Owners, this is the Policy ID of the NFT Project Holders that you wish to give a discount to.
    2. 2.
      For Whitelist, this requires you to upload a CSV file of wallet addresses that you wish to give a discount to.
    3. 3.
      For Stake Pools, this is the BECH32 StakePool ID e.g. this is the NMKR StakePool ID: e815603425324aeaf98b5b3609f6ee6d618128046b6032febb48f950
  3. 3.
    Define a Min/Max NFT Count
  4. 4.
    Define a % discount
  5. 5.
    (Optional) Add a description
  6. 6.
    Activate the discount

Currency Options

Due to market conditions, one of the challenges faced by project creators is how to price their NFTs, given that they are 'paid for' using ADA. You may have a Dollar or Euro figure in mind and this can be difficult to align in ADA for the reasons mentioned. We have release a feature to allow you to implement this.
Note - if you use this feature make sure to clearly communicate this to your audience that you have priced the NFTs to be the ADA equivalent of USD/EUR/JPY
Using this feature, you have the ability to keep your NFT prices coupled to a FIAT currency such as USD or EUR.
Note - this feature ONLY works when using the Payment Gateway.
This conversion will be based on the latest ADA/Currency Pair Price Quotation data that we have.
The system will find a close match in ADA to the value of the selected currency at the time the user makes the purchase.
Your customers will pay in ADA
You will receive ADA
To set this up is very similar to the explanation given in the setup section.
First, Edit or Create a new price, you will see that there is a dropdown menu for selecting the currency Price. This will defaulted to ADA.
Currency dropdown menu, defaults to ADA
You can then select from the available options, which are currently:
Currently available currency options
Select your desired currency from the list and use the system as mentioned in the setup section. Once selected, the system will show you the latest conversion quote for reference.
Note - this price is for reference and will change in line with market conditions.
Example reference
From the end users point of view, they will see the usual in the Payment Gateway, but the exact amount of ADA they will be charged is adjusted to be close to the currency amount specified.
In the below example, we had set a price that 3 NFTs should cost 30 USD.
Zoomed view
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