Edit NFT After Mint
This is one of the most common questions we get - how to fix mistakes or make changes to metadata or images AFTER the NFT has been minted.

Why do this?

There are several use cases for this, but the main one will be if you have minted some NFTs but later find that you want to change the Metadata, either because there is an error in that needs correcting or it may be part of the functionality of the NFT to update in someway.
Note - each remint costs 1 mint coupon.
Note - this is possible if your project's Policy ID is still open. If the Policy ID is locked, you cannot do this.

Tutorial Video


Tutorial Documentation

Editing Metadata

If you only want to make changes to the Metadata text, then you can start the process by locating the particular NFT you want to edit and selecting the Remint And Burn option.
Remint and Burn
Selecting this will open up a window that shows the original Metadata as it was minted.
You can then edit the metadata in the lower box as you desire, you can see in this case that I have changed the value of the SerialNumber from 9 to 10, Logocolour from 'RED' to 'Orange' and have edited the description.
Note - always take the time to double check before you press the Mint button.
Once you are happy, you then only need to press the green Mint button and the system will automatically burn the original NFT and remint it with the new metadata.

Editing Images/Media

Following on from the above tutorial, you would agree that actually, the Images/Media are also just metadata (most of the time). Because of this, we can also change the media by editing the IPFS hash value.
Note - this assumes that you are going to change an image, for another image. In the rare even you might want to change the media type, you should also update the mediaType value as needed.
The quick explanation for this, is that we are simply going to edit the IPFS Hash, inside the metadata for the images/media we want to change. If you already have another IPFS hash that you have created outside of NFT-MAKER, then you can use that. If not, have a look at this section to see the best practise for using NFT-MAKER.
What we are essentially going to do is make a dummy project for the purpose of getting an IPFS hash. It is important to make a totally new project for this, so that this data doesn't affect your active project that is minting.
The first step then is to create a brand new project, call it something like "Spare IPFS KEEP ME", this will remind you to not delete this project, as well as confirm that it is not meant to be a live project.
Put in the minimum information into the project creation window (this doesn't matter as we are not actually going to use the project).
You can then go straight to the Upload and Pin option - fill in the minimal details and upload the NFT.
Upload and Pin the New NFT
Again we are doing this ONLY so that NFT-MAKER creates a new IPFS link for us, for the new image.
Once the NFT is uploaded, you can then see its details or view its metadata, from which you can copy the IPFS hash, ready to paste into the metadata of the NFT we are going to remint.
Copy IPFS Hash
When you paste the new link, make sure that the format looks correct before pressing the mint button.
Reminted NFT - BEFORE pasting the new IPFS link
Reminted NFT - AFTER pasting the new IPFS link
Well done, you have now successfully edited an NFT after it has been minted!
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