NMKR Studio has enabled The Faucet - a facility where you can test 'real' blockchain transactions with TESTNET ADA.
The documentation is currently under construction and will be updated soon! The studio is now available on the old testnet and of course on the mainnet and now also on the new preprod environment. This means that you can also test with wallets that no longer support the old testnet. And also Cardanoscan works again. Nami, however, only works under the old testnet until further notice.
The URLS are as follows:
https://pay.preprod.nmkr.io/ is also available Get your tADA from https://docs.cardano.org/cardano-testnet/tools/faucet and make sure to select PrePROD Testnet


Having a TESTNET for a blockchain is absolutely critical to ensuring that developers are not limited by unnecessary expenditure. Cardano solves this by having a complete 'copy' of the main network that uses TESTNET ADA 'Tada'. This is called the TESTNET and operates in exactly the same way as the real mainnet - allowing developers to experiment and create as many tests as they like, without having to spend REAL ADA.
You can experiment with this facility for your project by:
Once you have determined how you would like to test your project, you will need to access your test ADA from The Faucet.

Create TESTNET Account

The first action you will need to complete, is to set up a NMKR Preprod account. You can do this by following the link and proceeding through the sign up form (in the same way you did for your mainnet account).
Note - although this looks the same, it is a completely separate test system, you can see this by the icons and notices around the dashboard.
With this now created, you can create TESTNET projects and upload files, ready for minting. For this guide, we replicated the project used for the SFTP Bulk Upload guide.
As this is a TESTNET, the experience should be almost indistinguishable from using the real system, even so please ensure you look out for the notices below to ensure you are indeed working on the TESTNET.
Note - this is especially if you have many tabs open as this could lead to confusion.
Sign in page TESTNET Icon
Main Dashboard TESTNET Icon

Obtain Tada

Nami Wallet

With you NMKR Studio TESTNET account ready, you now need to obtain some Test ADA 'Tada' - magic jokes aside, this has absolutely NO VALUE and has the singular purpose of allowing us to mimic on-chain actions, so that we dont have to spend lots of ADA getting systems ready.
The simplest wallet to use for this is the NAMI wallet, which is what we will show in this guide.
Note - NAMI wallet allows you to seamlessly switch between your mainnet and testnet wallets
Once you have your NAMI wallet ready, you need to switch the network to the testnet, luckily, this involves literally pressing a button as shown below.
Click on your avatar in the top right hand corner, then:
  1. 1.
    Select Settings
  2. 2.
    Select Network
  3. 3.
    Flip the switch to Testnet
  4. 4.
    Navigate back to the home screen and confirm it shows 'Tada'
Step 1
Step 2
Step 3
Step 4
Note - you will now see many notices that confirm the testnet is live
Testnet Icon

Cardano Faucet

We now have a wallet that can receive 'Tada', great!
The next thing to do is to navigate to the Cardano Testnet Faucet.
Once you are on this page, get your Nami Testnet address by pressing on the 'Recieve' button and then copying the address that is listed. You then need to:
  • Select tAda
  • Paste the Nami Testnet address into the address field
  • (Optional) add your API Key
  • Solve the reCAPTCHA
  • Select 'Request funds'
Note - the address should start with 'addr_test'
Request your Tada
Very shortly after, you should see the funds in your testnet wallet
Well done - you now have some Testnet ADA! Sadly, they are not worth anything :(

Be a Good Citizen

When you have finished using your test tokens, please return them to the faucet so that other members of the community can use them.

Example Usage

We now have:
  • Cardano Testnet Wallet
  • Cardano Testnet ADA
Using our example project, we will now show you the subtle difference in the visuals of using Tada. Remember - functionality wise this is absolutely identical and as such it is a fantastic resource for any developer on Cardano. Even so, we want to make sure you can be certain of which network you are using to avoid mistakes.
Note - Sending ADA to the wrong address will mean your ADA is lost forever
In this example, we have set the pricing for this NFT project at 7ADA per NFT and have added NMKR Pay to our test website.
Selecting the 'Pay with NMKR Pay' button yields the following results:
Payment screen looks the same
On the next step, you will see the address clearly contains 'testnet' as opposed to the usual. The next screen however is where we see a clearer difference - the 't' before the ADA symbol, signifying for sure that this is indeed, a TESTNET transaction.
Note the web address
Note the 't' before the ADA Symbol
Submitting the transaction quickly yields the results we expect. The funds are sent and we receive the minted NFT shortly after.
Using the testnet is a great way to understand the inner workings of how our ecosystem operates, enjoy!