Using NMKR Studio

Read about the main sections of NMKR Studio and how they're used to help manage your NFT sales

Sign Up

Creating a new account on NMKR Studio is simple.
First, provide your email, name, and address.
Then, create a new password for your account. Your password must be at least 8 characters with a maximum of 30 characters.
Next, agree to our terms and answer the captcha to ensure you're a human.
Lastly, we will send you an email to verify your account. Check your inbox and click the link that's in the email from us to activate your account.
Once you verify your email and log in to NMKR Studio, you will have access to all of the features available.
If you forget your password, you can reset it here.


The Dashboard allows you to visualize important information about your entire account.
Quickly answer questions like:
  • How many NFTs you've sold in total and in the past 24 hours
  • How much ADA your sales have generated, broken down by fees/mintings costs
  • How many transactions, fees incurred, and revenue you had month to month
  • How many NFTs are currently available for sale, on a reservation, or have been sold
  • What were my latest 5 transactions with their accompanying transaction id
It's where you can get an overview of your entire business and track the most important metrics when it comes to your NFTs.

NFT Projects

Our app centers around creating NFT Projects in which is a way to group your NFTs together. You can think of an NFT Project as the equivalent of a Policy, which allows you and only you to mint your NFTs.
On the NFT Projects page, you can create new projects and see an overview of existing project statistics such as its ID, name, state, and the number of total/sold/reserved/free NFTs.
This is where you can also drill down to edit your existing projects, manage the NFTs, view the policy details, set up royalties, configure pay-in addresses, and more.


Each time an NFT is purchased, a transaction is created on the blockchain that contains all of the details about what happened.
Like most blockchains, all of Cardano's transactions are available online for anyone to see using tools like Cardanoscan or Cardano Explorer.
The Transactions page contains a list of every transaction from your NFT sales with the important details like the exact date/time, the amount paid with fees, which wallet the ADA went to, and a link to view the rest of the details on Cardanoscan.

Manage API Keys

The API is primarily what you would use to interact with NMKR Studio. It's a common way that two parties exchange data over the web.
Most of the things that you can do on the NMKR Studio web app, you can also do programmatically through our API. There are also features of NMKR Studio that can only be accessible by using our API.
We use a key-based authentication system with our API to allow or deny access to certain features.
On the Manage API Keys page, you can create new keys, set up their permissions/expiration, and limit their IP access.


When NFTs are minted with NMKR Studio, in a single transaction, it will send the NFT with a small amount of ADA to the buyer, the fee for the mint to NFT MAKER, and the remaining amount of ADA to your wallet.
Every account on NMKR Studio automatically gets an Internal Wallet to use in order to secure the ADA from their NFT sales. It's not required to use the Internal Wallet but it must contain ADA if you want to mint NFTs and send them directly to a specific wallet.
On the Wallets page, you can set up your own external wallets and have the ADA sent to there instead of your Internal Wallet. Each NFT Project that you set up requires a single wallet to be associated with it.