API - Minting
This page gives a full guide on how to use the API + Python + Your Website to allow customers to mint your NFTs

API Minting

Note - this guide is currently under construction


Before we get into the step by step guide, let's cover a general overview of the approach, from here, we are making the assumption that you have the NFTs already loaded into the NFT MAKER Console. This then reduces our challenge to:
  • Website backend
    • Make the base API Call "GetAddressForRandomNftSale"
    • Interact with the API response object
  • Website front end
    • Allow users to invoke the API call
    • Display the information to the users
Note - you CANNOT make API calls from the frontend of your website as most browsers will block this action with a 'CORS POLICY ERROR'.
To implement this, you will need to code the backend of your website, so that you can make the calls from backend.
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API Minting