Getting Started on Cardano

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Cardano Wallets

Exchange Wallets

Never use an exchange wallet to purchase NFTs. Most exchange wallets are incapable of holding and managing NFTs. If you use an exchange wallet to mint tokens, your funds and NFT may be lost. In case you used an exchange wallet for minting please reach out to the exchange with your transaction IDs.
There are a lot of self-custodial wallets that are capable of holding and managing NFTs. The best and most common wallets are integrated to NMKR Pay.

Self-Custodial Cardano Wallets

The following is a List of Cardano wallets that are integrated to NMKR Pay and can be used to mint and manage Non-Fungible Tokens as well as Fungible Tokens. NMKR Pay is a payment solution that is constantly being improved, and we are continuously adding new wallets.
Please send us a message to [email protected] if you are missing any wallet that you want to use with NMKR Pay and we will be happy to reach out to the wallet software developers for an integration.