Cardano NFT Ressources

Helpful Links for Cardano NFTs

The following is a collection of helpful links and resources all about NFTs.

View NFTs / NFT Explorer

The most commonly used platform to view NFT collections: live tracking of NFTs and transactions, commonly used to view NFTs
Design and show your digital NFT profile
Explorer NFTs and rarity Rankings
Explorer NFTs and rarity rankings

NFT Metadata tools

The JSON Editor Online is a very powerful tool to check your Metadata for mistake

JSON Editor Online

The METADATA CHECKER is a great way to VIEW your tokens: METADATA CHECKER

Secondary markets

The following are some well known secondary markets on Cardano where you can sell and buy NFTs.

NMKR Store Yet not fully available NMKR Store will also allow you to list unminted tokens. For now, NMKR Store redirects to NMKR Mint

NMKR Store (currently redirects to NMKR Mint)
NFT Marketplace
NFT Marketplace

Cardano NFT Community and tools A hub that actively collects information on all things Cardano (NFTs, Social media updates, Pools etc) and summarises these updates in one place

CNFT Analytics: A resource for discovering how CNFT's are performing on the secondary markets. An event calendar for the CNFT industry, covering events and NFT releases

IPFS: A peer-to-peer hypermedia protocol designed to preserve and grow humanity's knowledge Learn, share or just geek out about NFT projects in the Cardano space

OpenCNFT: Provides data on trends of Cardano NFT projects in an automated way

WenCNFT: Help you to keep up-tot-date on CNFT projects drops with dates and times