Sales Conditions & Whitelisting

Customize your sales with sales conditions

Sales Conditions are a great feature to customize your sales on demand depending on your sales strategy and how you want to interact with your community. Sales conditions can for example be used to let only holders of a specific policy ID or delegators of specific stake pool mint tokens. The most popular sales condition is the whitelisting.

Sales Conditions check the condition of the buyers wallet at the beginning of the purchasing process. However, some sales conditions that limit the amount of tokens that a wallet can buy are also using our database to counteract the bypassing of such sales conditions for example due to moving tokens out of the wallet after the first sale to mint another token where the sales condition only allows to purchase one.

Sales conditions can be combined to use them in a "and-logic" instead of the "or logic" that is given by adding for example multiple policy IDs into one Sales Condition.