Specify the Tokens Metadata to replace the placeholders in the Metadata Template

Metadata Structure

It is critical that your metadata adheres to the same structure as your template, which conforms to the Cardano CIP-0025 Metadata standard. This is also the structure of the Metadata Template for your project. NMKR Studio is build that way that you specify a Metadata Template and just give the Tokens specific Values with the Metadata of the token. If you haven't specified that, please do that before continuing with the Tokens unique Metadata.

Token specific Metadata

After you specified the Metadata Template you will now add token specific metadata to your Tokens to replace the placeholders in your metadata template with real values.

Metadata for fungible Tokens

If you want to add Metadata to a fungible token that can be registered in the Cardano Token Registry please read this part of the documentation.

Fully on-chain NFTs

You can also use NMKR Studio to mint these fully on-chain NFTs by adding the file as Base64.