Basic Workflow

This is the Basic Workflow of NMKR Studio

This topic is to explain the basic Workflow to launch a Project with NMKR Studio, however, it is not implicitly necessary to follow the order of this workflow. The most Steps can be reworked and changed at any point.

1) Add Wallets to your account

The first step is to add all wallets to your account that you will later specify as payout wallets in your project.

2) Create a project

Create a project and specify the fundamental settings like the policy, the payout wallet and the Metadata template. The Metadata template will apply for every token in the project, this is where you want to specify custom fields and traits.

3) Upload Files to your project

Now you want to upload Files in order to create Tokens in your project. You can upload them directly from the User Interface, or via Bulk Upload.

4) Set the token individual Metadata

In this step you want to give your Tokens individual Metadata, for example the values for individual traits and fields that you previously specified in the Metadata Template. You can add them directly in NMKR Studio or also bulk upload via SPTF or Spreadsheet. Always check your metadata for correctness.

5) Set up the Sales

In this step you first decide how you want to sell your tokens (Random or specific distribution, on demand or even manual minting). Now you want to specify prices for your tokens, add sales conditions (eg. whitelisting), discounts.

6) Launch

If you decided for minting on demand, you now want to activate the Pay-in Address or activate the prices for NMKR Pay. If you decided for a manual minting approach, start airdropping your tokens or mint them manually one by one.

It is highly recommended to have a closer look at each detailed topic that is relevant for your project before you launch your project.