Delete tokens of your project in NMKR Studio

Delete single tokens in NMKR Studio

To delete single Tokens or small amount of Tokens, it makes sense to delete them manually in the NMKR Studio User Interface. You can find the button for it in the actions bar.

Please note that you can only delete tokens that aren't minted. Deleting the tokens in the project won't have any effect on-chain. If you want to remove the tokens from the Blockchain, please read the documentation about how to burn tokens.

Note - take a second to assess the situation before deleting your NFTs, if the issue is only with the metadata, you can edit this.

Delete tokens in bulk via SFTP

Using SFTP is better for deleting larger quantities in bulk. To do this, login to the SFTP server using the same method as demonstrated in the upload process.

Once logged in, you can select the media and/or metadata files and delete them using Cyberduck or FileZilla. You can use the search function of the software to filter by filetype.