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Set up Sales

Minting on demand / offer a vending machine to let your customers mint on demand
Besides the option to mint manually or airdrop tokens, NMKR Pay offers a broad variety of features to set up the sales for your project to let your customer buy on demand via NMKR Pay and the Pay-in address. For the sales on demand there are basically two essential differentiations. The specific sales and the random sales. Both sales methods can be used with the sales conditions and discounts.

Random sales

Random sales will use the prices from the price list and mint randomly reserved tokens out of a project. If a buyer decides to buy more than one token in one go, every token will be randomly selected and reserved from the project. To set up random sales, specify prices in the price list and enable NMKR Pay or the Pay-in address.

Specific sales

Specific sales will use the prices from the price list or specific token prices. Specific sales only work with NMKR Pay specific payment links.