FIAT ETH and SOL Payment

Allow your customers to pay with FIAT currency by using a Credit Card or ETH and SOL by connecting their wallet

Why FIAT, ETH and SOL?

Enabling this setting allows your customers to purchase your NFTs using Fiat Currency with their credit card, ETH and SOL via NMKR Pay. To offer you this payment features, we partnered with Crossmint. This is a great way to reduce barriers to entry for people who are not yet accustomed to using crypto (or Cardano).

This is particularly useful for projects who are aiming to cater to markets outside of the Cardano (or wider crypto) ecosystem.

Note - enabling this option simply gives users the option to use it, they can still pay in ADA using the Payment Gateway. However, if a customer does choose to pay in this way, it removes our ability to implement features such as Sales Conditions or Discounts for that customer.

This feature can only be enabled for users that are verified. Please read this article to get verified.

Fungible Token Sales are currently not supported with FIAT, ETH and SOL Payments.

Pricing and Limit There are no additional costs for you as a seller. There are additional costs for the Credit Card payment for your buyer, these will be displayed during the sales process in in the Crossmint payment window. On the buyer side, there can be 1-2% fees expected from Crossmint + the fees that the credit card issues is charging. FIAT payment is only available for sales prices from 5,00$. There is a 1500$ Limit for FIAT transactions. In order to increase the transaction limit for your collection you’ll just need to fill out this form: to get it approved by Crossmint.

Where does the NFT go?

Great observation, if the customer doesn't pay using ADA then how can we send the NFT to them? They probably don't currently have an ADA wallet.

To solve this, our payment partner Crossmint creates a temporary custodial Wallet, accessible for you in your crossmint account. We mint the NFT and send it to the new wallet once payment is received. The customer is then encouraged to create their own Cardano Wallet and transfer their NFTs from the custodial Wallet to this, thereby gaining complete custody.

Where does the Fiat currency, ETH and SOL go?

The FIAT currency as well as ETH and SOL will be instantly converted into ADA and you as seller also receive the ADA directly to your payout wallet.

Set up FIAT, ETH and SOL payment for your project

FIAT, ETH and SOL Payment is by standard enabled. FIAT Payment only for projects with prices over 5$ and is disabled in NMKR Pay for sales with sales conditions.

Enable/disable FIAT, ETH and SOL payment for your project

If you need to disable or enable the FIAT, ETH and SOL payment manually, you find the option in the manage prices tab after you specified a price.

FIAT Payments over 1000$ will require your customer to KYC. This is is only to protect from credit card misuse by bad actors.

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