How To Do a Reveal

Reveal your tokens after the sale

A reveal style NFT project Launch is when you sell your tokens with one placeholder image for all tokens and also placeholder values for some or all custom fields. This helps to reduce sales on secondary markets for liquidity purpose (dump below mint price to have liquidity to mint more tokens in the hope to grab rare ones). With a reveal, the final art and values on the metadata were updated after the sale.

The remint and burn process that is needed to update the tokens metadata on-chain in order to reveal the tokens costs 2 ADA for each NFT.

1) Upload Tokens

Upload the tokens to your newly created project, how they should appear after the reveal.

2) Upload Placeholder Image

Then you want to upload the placeholder image in a separate test project, just to get the IPFS hash of the image.

3) Edit Metadata Template

This hash will now be copied and pasted into the metadata template of your project. Copy the original metadata template of your project into a text file to restore it later. Override the placeholders of the traits too with something like "reveal soon" and the <ipfs_link> placeholders. All tokens will now be sold with the placeholder image and the "reval soon" in the traits ( "body": " will be "body": "reveal soon".

4) Prepare for the Reveal

After the sale, you now want to restore the metadata template from the txt file, so it has the placeholders again. Buy Mint Coupons for the reveal. You will need 2ADA for each updated NFT.

5) Reveal the tokens

Then you select the NFTs in your project and start the remint and burn process. You find the option in the dropdown under your tokens, where you also find the option to block tokens. If you change the tokens that can be shown per page, you can update up to 100 tokens in one go. If you want to reveal a project with a higher number of tokens, please schedule a reveal with us.

More details

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