Managing policies

Learn how to create, view, export and import your policy IDs

Managing your policies

With NMKR Studio you have full control over your policy, which means you can export and use it however you want, and even create multiple projects with the same policy ID by exporting the keys and importing them to a new project. This could be used to split up the amount that can be sold in one project, or to separate for whitelisting.

Create a policy

A new policy can be created when setting up a project. The second step in creating a project is where you create a new policy ID and choose it's locking date. Please select the locking date carefully as above explained.
Choose the policy locking date in the Create new Projects tab

Show policy

To show your policy ID click the policy button in the actions bar on the right of the managing projects tab.
It opens a tab that shows you a policy script and your unique policy ID. You can now check your policy ID on or export the policy Keys to use them in another project.
view your policy ID

One policy for multiple projects

Export policy Keys

To export the policies, click the same button that was used to show the policy and select 'Export Policy Keys.' This will immediately download a zip file with your policy Keys.
Your policy Keys

Import Policy Keys

To import the policy keys, please create a new project, fill out the project details on page one and then move on to the second tab.
Create a project with existing policy Keys
Open each of the previously downloaded keys in a text editor application and copy and paste the keys as requested.
Example of a signing Key opened in an editor
You have to copy the whole data from each Key, or the import wont work
Click 'next' to continue with the set-up of your project.
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