Minting on Demand

Let your customers mint the tokens on demand

Minting on demand means that you let your customers mint the tokens on their own with a sales process. The benefits for that are that you don't have any upfront costs like you would have them if you mint the tokens manually and sell them on secondary markets.

Minting on demand in NMKR Studio

Minting on Demand with NMKR Pay

NMKR Studio offers two options for the minting on Demand, one is NMKR Pay, a fully automated payment gateway where your users are able to connect their wallets and sign the transaction to start the minting process. It supports all common wallets on Cardano, payment via manual sending and also FIAT payments via Credit Card. It comes with a bot protection and also offers MultiSig payments.

Minting on demand with the Pay-In Address

The second option is the Pay-In Address, a static address where your customers send a specific amount of ADA to start the minting address. It also handles refunds automatically and offers a very easy workaround. As it comes without a bot protection, we always recommend using the superior method; NMKR Pay. Both options are capable of using the Sales Conditions and Whitelisting and both use the Pricelist.

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