Add Wallets to your account to receive your funds


  • To add wallets to your account:

    • Go to the Wallets tab via the left menu bar and click "Enter new wallet address."

  • Add wallets for various purposes like revenue or royalties

  • If you're working in a team, you can share revenue with additional payout wallets or the Splitting addresses.

Add wallets

Navigate to the Wallets tab via the menu bar on the left.

Click on "Enter new wallet address" to connect a wallet to your account. Please add the wallets that you want to use with your projects. These could be wallets to receive the revenue of your sales, to receive the royalties, or a polygon wallet for FIAT payment. You can delete or edit the tokens at every time. If you are working in a team and want to share the revenue with additional payout wallets in your project, this is also where you want to add the wallets. As you add the wallets to your account, you can easily use a dropdown selection of all wallets in your projects, and you don't have to add them to each project separately.

Add a Cardano wallet

Enter the Cardano wallet address, usually starting with "addr... " and select the Cardano Blockchain. For a better structuring, comment this wallet with a unique identifier. Submit the wallet address and confirm the "wallet confirmation email" in your inbox.

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