Policy Snapshot

Take a snapshot of a policy to identify the holders and the amount of tokens they are holding

The primary application of a policy snapshot is to identify the holders of a specific policy and then use that information to airdrop tokens to the holders or to create a whitelist. You can use the policy snapshot tool with any Cardano policy ID.

Snapshot a policy

Go to the 'Policy Snapshot tab' via the menu bar.

Enter any policy ID you want t snapshot and click 'Search'.

The application will now scan the policy and list all tokens, their addresses, quantities, and supplies.

You can export all of the information as a CSV file. To use this file with the random distribution of the airdropper, please read Airdrop with random distribution. For a specific distribution, read Airdrop with specific distribution. If you want to use it for the whitelisting, please click here.

Cumulate stake addresses of the policy snapshot

If you want to use the policy snapshot for whitelisting, it makes sense to cumulate the amount of tokens that a wallet holds for each stake address. If you enable this option, you will receive a list that summarizes the tokens of each stake address and each wallet will be listed only once.

The column "TotalQuantity" will now show the cumulated amount of tokens this stake address is holding. The column "Quantity" shows the amount of tokens of the Receiver address.