Airdrop with random distribution

Send random airdrops

Airdropping with a random distribution allows you to airdrop randomly selected tokens from your project to holders of a specific policy ID or to an uploaded address list.

Airdrop to holders of a specific policy ID

Besides the option of uploading an address list, you can also decide to airdrop all holders of a specific policy id. For this, just select the option to "use addresses with a specific policy id".

Add the specific policy ID in the next step and confirm with "ok".

You can now go to the next step, to select the amount of tokens for the airdrop.

Airdrop with address list

In the first step, you will collect the addresses of the wallets that should receive the airdrop and put them into a txt file.

Prepare a txt file on your own

If you don't want to use the csv file from the policy snapshot, please create a simple txt file, that has one wallet address (not stake addresses) in each line.

Use the file from the policy snapshot

If you want to use the policy snapshot tool's csv file with the airdropper, you have to copy out the wallet addresses (column F, not the stake addresses) from the csv file.

And paste them into a simple txt file that can be created with any text editor software. Please write only one address in each line (should happen automatically if you copy and paste from the csv)

Upload the txt file for the airdrop

This file can now be uploaded to the airdropper and the count will show how many addresses are recognised.

Select amount of tokens for airdrop

Select the amount of tokens that should be airdropped to each address in the next step.

Decide how to airdrop to holders of multiple tokens

Addresses with multiple eligible tokens of a policy will appear on the list multiple times if the cumulate option was disabled in the policy snapshot, which is why you should select "Send drop to ALL Addresses" if you want to send the airdrop depending on the amount of eligible tokens that the wallet holds.

If you want holders to send only one airdrop to their wallet independent of the amount of tokens they are holding, please use the option "Only one drop per Wallet".

Start the airdrop with the button "Start airdrop".

If you want to check how your airdrops are processed, please go to mint and send jobs, as it also lists all airdrop jobs there.