Send tokens manually to your holders in bulk

The airdropper is a great tool to reward your holders with a free token or to send tokens out for a giveaway. It allows you to send tokens in bulk directly to the receiver's wallet.

Each airdropped NFT costs about one Mint Coupon. Actually it takes a bit less as the drops were processed in batches and therefore it will cost less fees. To further reduce the cost of airdropping, please set the Sendback in your project settings to MinUtxo. This will calculate the sendback for each transaction depending on the metadata size and token amount. A token airdrop with 3 NFTs in one transaction to one wallet costs with these settings and the standard metadata about 1.4 ADA.

As the airdropper will always use the tokens of a specific project, the button for the airdropper can be found in the actions bar of each project.

It opens the airdropper window which gives you already a quick overview about his capabilities.

Specific or random airdrop

There are two methods to send the airdrop. The random distribution or the specific distribution.

With the random distribution you can either airdrop to holders of a specific policy ID or to an uploaded address list. The specific distribution allows you to upload a csv. List that defines exactly which token in which amount should be sent to which address.

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