Testnet API Swagger

API Swagger for the Testnet

What is the Testnet API swagger

Swagger is a web-based UI that allows you to test all available API Endpoints. All of the code is pre constructed, allowing you to 'drop in' your specific parameters and check the results are as you expect, before you take the time to implement it yourself.

You can use the swagger to better understand errors and responses.

To learn about the API and test out it's numerous endpoints in a save environment, we have the Testnet API Swagger. This swagger is the same as the Mainnet API Swagger, but at some points it can happen that you find Endpoints in there that are not released for the mainnet yet. If you find an Endpoint there that you want to use on the mainnet, but it is not available, please reach out to us and we could potentially make it accessible for a mainnet test for you.

Use the Testnet Swagger

Authorize the swagger

The first step is to authorize the Testnet Swagger. Go to the Testnet Swagger and click on "Authorize".

Insert the bearer (API Key) in the next tab and confirm with "Authorize". If you don't know where to find the API Key, please read the documentation about the API Keys. Please keep in mind that you need to add the API Key of your Testnet account.

Once you authorized the swagger you are now able to try the endpoints. Please check out the Documentation about the Mainnet API Swagger to learn, how to use the Testnet swagger.