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Getting started with NMKR Studio is easy and free
To get started with NMKR Studio, you need to set up an account. The registration process is very easy, start here https://studio.nmkr.io/register!
  • Once your account is created and your email address confirmed, log in to your account. We recommend activating additional security measures.
  • The next logical step would be to add Wallets to your account. You will need them later as payout-wallet to receive your revenue.
Mint Coupons are only for manual minting, the airdropper and editing your tokens after minting. If you are familiar with coding and you prefer using the NMKR API, please set up your API Keys now and check out the API documentation. To keep on track with your sales, the dashboard and transactions give you a very good overview over the sales of all projects that are created with this account.