How To Enable Royalties

Enable royalties to receive a portion of the revenue of the sales prices on secondary market

Royalties are a very valuable additional revenue stream. The royalty token is always created once for every policy and must be the first token that is minted on this policy. The royalty token will be burned right after its creation, because the secondary markets are scanning for the mint transaction and its metadata which contains the royalty settings. The token itself is unimportant.

1) Buy Mint Coupons

The minting of the royalty token will take 4.5 ADA, therefore you have to buy a Mint Coupon first.

2) Create the Collection Token

Go to the Projects overview and click on the "Collection Tokens" under "Manage Project" on the right side of your project.

3) Specify the royalty details

Add the address that should receive the royalties and also the percentage of the royalties.

The royalty receiving address and the percentabe can be changed as long as the policy isn't locked.

4) Mint the token

Click on mint to confirm and the token will be minted on your policy and also immediately burned.

More details

If you want to learn more about this topic, please click here. If you are interested in setting up a Royalty Split address gives you more flexibility even after the policy locked and also helps you to split the royalties, please click here.