Fair and transparent pricing without monthly subscriptions


  • The account creation is free with no monthly subscription.

  • Minting on demand allows you to launch your project without upfront costs.

  • Standard minting fee is 3% or a minimum of 2 ADA per token during minting.

  • Multi-Sig payment eliminates the need for a 2 ADA sendback fee per NFT.

  • Cardano network fee ranges from 0.2 to 0.7 ADA, depending on transaction size.

  • Mint Coupons are required for Airdropper or manual minting.

  • Reveal or metadata update costs 2 ADA per NFT.

  • Minting using Cip-68 Metadata Standard doubles the minting fee.

  • Using the plugin incurs a fee of 6% or a minimum of 4 ADA per NFT.

Standard Pricing

The account you are creating is free, and there is no monthly subscription. If you let your customers mint on demand, you could launch your project without any costs in advance. The standard minting fee NMKR is charging is 3% or a minimum of 2ADA per token, it will be deducted during the sale in case you use minting on demand. When calculating your prices, and you are not using Multi-Sig payment, please keep in mind that you have to consider the sendback to your customer*.

The standard sendback is 2 ADA for every NFT. Using MultiSig does not require the 2ADA sendback. The Cardano network fee is about 0,2 - 0,7 ADA depending on the transaction size and will be charged to every transaction. If you are using the Airdropper or minting manually, you have to buy Mint Coupons in advance. *The sendback or MinUtxo is a minimum amount of ADA that has to be send together with each transaction that contains an NFT, this is a requirement of the Cardano Blockchain. Reveals/updating metadata of NFTs that are already minted will charge 1 mint coupon.

Please keep in mind that if you mint NFTs using the Cip-68 Metadata Standard, you will be minting two NFTs (a reference token and a user token), so the minting fee is doubled.

Price Tiers

If you're planning to sell a lot of tokens, please contact us via contact form on our website or email to to discuss further price tiers.

Using the plugin

If you are using the plugin you will be charged 6% or 4ADA minimum per NFT.

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