Create new Prices

Specify prices in the price list feature of NMKR Studio

The prices you define in the price list of NMKR Studio apply to sales on demand via NMKR Pay and the Pay-in address. The price list allows you to set up different price/amount-pairs and also to specify prices as FIAT currency prices, the ADA mint price will then be always calculated depending on the current market price of ADA. You want to set up a price for every amount that should be able to buy in one transaction.

Out of rechnical reasons, there is a minimum price of 6.5 ADA. By using MultiSig payments we can actually reduce the minimum price to 3ADA. As this is not implemented to the user interface yet, please create a ticket to set this up.

To enable multiple token purchases in one transaction, you need to set up a price list with multiple price/amount-pairs.

Please read the details about the NMKR minting fee and Sendback before you set up prices.

Create a new price

To create a new price-amount pair click "create new price".

Specify the amount of tokens, the price for this amount of tokens and the currency in this tab. The option to specify a certain period where this price is valid is optional and you could also specify only a starting date or and expiry date for this price.

Activate the price and click "save".

How many NFTs can I sell per transaction? The maximum possible amountof tokens that can be bought in one Transaction depends on the size of the metadata. Cardano has a maximum metadata size of 16kb. Each character, also special characters and whitespaces, is one byte. As Fungible Tokens all share the exact same metadata, so it would be only presented once per transaction, you can basically sell an unlimited amount.

For a free drop / 0 ADA price, please read how to set up free drops. For discounts, please read how to set up discounts.

Custom Token for payment

Beta-feature! NMKR Studio allows you to offer minting with Cardano native custom Tokens and NFTs, please read this article to learn how to set them up.

Prices in FIAT currency

The prices in FIAT currencies can be set up during the regular creation of a price. Instead of ADA, please select any FIAT currency from the dropdown.

This feautre does not enable FIAT payment via NMKR Pay, it will calculate the prices in ADA for a fixed FIAT currency price during each payment process depending on the current market price of ADA. Example: A price of 10 USD is specified in the price list. The current market price of ADA is 5$. Therefore, NMKR Pay will show a price of 2ADA in NMKR Pay.