Manual sending in NMKR Pay

Send ADA to a minting address without connecting your wallet

NMKR Pay offers, beside the FIAT payment and the option to connect your wallets, also the classic "send ADA to address" minting like it is known from the the Pay-In Address. Unlike the Pay-In Address, manual minting benefits from the advantages of the NMKR Pay Interface and it's bot protection captcha.

This feature is enabled by standard in NMKR Pay

If your customer decides to pay manually for a token sale that has MultiSig payments enabled, he will be asked to add a deposit. This deposit is meant to cover the sendback (MinUtxo) that would be otherwise not necessary via MultiSig payments and will be send back to the customer together with the NFT.

Disable manual sending for NMKR Pay

The "manual sending" option can be disabled for NMKR Pay if it is used with MultiSig payments.

In order to do so, please go to the price list tab where you also find the NMKR Pay integration settings and use the "Disable manual minting button".

Why would you want to disable this option? Disabling this option is a good way to reduce the risk of bots minting from your project. Please be aware that the deactivation of this feature reduces the accessibility to your sales for users of some wallets that do not work with DApps like the Daedalus Full-Node wallet.

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