Swagger Responses and Error Codes

Learn about the meaning of the different responses

Understanding Responses

There are many HTTP Responses, so we are going to cover those that are most relevant to the NMKR Studio API.

HTTP response Codes are made up of 3 digits:

  • First Digit is the category

  • Second and Third Digits define the subcategory

2xx Codes

Codes beginning with 2 mean that you submitted a valid API method call, that executed correctly. At a high level, you will be looking to see the '200' response, which is literally translated to mean 'OK' this is good and means that the method executed correctly.

4xx Codes

Codes beginning with 4 mean that you submitted an invalid API method call, the NMKR Studio Servers handled this and returned information about what was wrong. You can then compare this with the Swagger Documentation to fix the error. Common responses will be '401' where there is an issue with your API Key and '404' where the UID of the project/NFT was not found.

5xx Codes

Codes beginning with 5 mean that there has been an issue on the server side. These will be rarer that 2's or 4's and may not be related to the way you have constructed your method call. The '503' error for example will appear in the unlikely event that our API service is unavailable.

You will see that every method has a predefined set of likely responses, with the additional information of what the response payload will return with.