Upload tokens to your project

For single uploads or upload of up to 1000 files it makes sense to use the user interface upload. For uploading a higher number of tokens, please use the Bulk upload via SFTP. This workaround allows you to basically drag and drop files directly into your project utilizing the SFTP Server.


The so-called main file will always be the first uploaded file to your token. In your metadata it adds up to the "image" field, which is the one outside of the filesection.

NMKR Studio only allows to upload an image or animated gif as main-file as this will be used as thumbnail in wallets, secondary markets and on explorers like pool.pm

Subfiles are additional files that will be added to your token. This can be very different file formats like Video and Audiofiles, but also application files and Textfiles. Subfiles are supported directly in the User Interface based upload workaround and also with bulk uploading.

File Formats:

You can upload additional subfiles, such as: Application: Zip; PDF; Json; GITF+Json, Octet-Stream, Xlsx

Audio: Mpeg; Ogg; WAV.

Image: Bmp; SVG+XML.

Text: HTML; Javascript; Plain Text; CSS.

Video: Mpeg; Mp4; Ogg; Quicktime; Webm.

There is no limitation about the resolution of a media file, but the upload via User Interface is limited to a filesize of 50mb. If you want to upload files that are bigger than that, please use the SFTP Bulk Upload for files till 250mb. For Files greater than 250mb we recommend an external upload directly to IPFS through an upload-and-pinning-service like piniata.cloud and add the IPFS hash of these files directly to your metadata. The maximum storage size on our servers that is provided to a user is currently not limited.

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