Quickstart Full Video Tutorial

This guide provides a fast-paced view of how to get your project live in minutes!

This Quickstart Guide should give you a superficial overview about the features and how to access them and to understand the workarounds. For tech savvy users, the "How To articles" might be enough, but it is in any way recommended reading the full detailed documentation about each topic. The detailed documentation is linked at the end of every How To article. The How To's can be found as subtopics below this topic on the left side!

Workflow of NMKR Studio

Where every single step can be done individually without the need to follow an order strictly. It can make sense for some users to follow the Basic Workflow.

Quickstart Guide Video

This video provides a brief overview of how to set up and use NMKR studio to mint and sell NFTs.

NMKR Studio Video Tutorials Playlist

If you prefer to learn visually, take a look at our YouTube tutorial playlist. We are constantly adding new features and making changes to it.

Watch the whole NMKR Video Tutorials Playlist here!

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