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Thousands of revenue-generating projects launched their assets with NMKR Studio.

In this article, we're shining a spotlight on several projects launched powered by the NMKR Infrastructure. These projects have caught our attention due to their innovative approach and meaningful impact. Let's take a closer look at how these initiatives are making a difference.

Projects powered by NMKR technology


The next chapter in the story of books – a Web3 marketplace for buying, reading, and selling eBooks and Audiobooks as fully Decentralized Encrypted Assets (DEAs).


Nucast is a blockchain-based video-streaming platform that introduces true digital content ownership and allows Creators to maintain better control over their content.

Ore Ore Ore

OREMOB by Berlin artist ORE ORE ORE is the expansion of his successful Web3 anime project he started in 2021. A community focused on exciting narrative in a world of distinctive visual identities and strong pop-culture references as artform.

smart places

SmartPlaces is a social ecosystem based on geolocation that rewards users for connecting and interacting. Connect with people, ideas, events, and businesses worldwide - all on a hyper local level.


Fundraising through token presale NFTs for Metera, a decentralized way to create and invest in tokenized portfolios.

Collaboration projects

There are also multiple projects where we are directly involved in as technical partners or even as co-founders.


NMKR & Tiamonds teamed up to bring you the first-ever tokenized diamonds to Cardano. By purchasing a Tokenized Diamond, you get the right to a real diamond.


A tokenization launchpad powered by NMKR, FluidTokens, and IAMX. It will simplify and democratize the tokenization process for real-world assets on the blockchain.


ADAmail is a unique tool developed by IAMX and NMKR that combines traditional email with Web3 utilities. It allows users to send emails to every Cardano Wallet and log into their email account by connecting their wallet.

El Paso Verse (still in development)

Together with Ryan Wiik from the El Paso Verse, NMKR will reshape the way IP is created and consumed. This porject includes tokenisation of real world properties, an IP (intellectual property) funnel of short-form motion picture projects, ebooks and more.

More Projects launched in the past with or by NMKR

Ticketing for Community Led Events Cardano Summit 2023

Together with nucast we provided the ticketing solution based on NFT technology for the community led events in 27 countries around the world.


Official Empowa Cardano Summit 2023 NFTs

A limited edition NFT collection in collaboration with Empowa to celebrate the impact Cardano empowers in the real world. Enabling financial excluded families to own a home!



Budja.io is the first launchpad offering fractional art NFTs on the Cardano blockchain.


Hokusai Universe

Hokusai Universe is the ultimate tool to connect Web3 with digital art, music, exhibits and performances inspired by authentic Japanese culture and master Katsushika Hokusai.



Rasing money for charity with NFTs By selling hundreds of NFTs on the Cardano Blockchain, the UN Refugee Agency was able to access capital in a innovative and unique way that allows for full transparency over where the going to.


Rare Evo 2023 POAP

Mint memories as digital mementos with POAPs (Proof of Attendance NFTs) for Rare Evo 2023.


Rare Evo 2024 Tickets

Ticketing for the 2024 Rare Evo Event


Approved Catalyst Proposals building on NMKR

For Fund 10 of Cardano's Catalyst, we were happy to offer "Building on NMKR" as category.


A Unity package that is a wrapper of the NMKR API in order to create more integrated minting experiences.

Smart Places: Real-World Utility for Businesses with Location-Based NFT Incentives

An intuitive platform for businesses to effectively attract customers by utilizing location-based incentivized NFTs, enhancing engagement and foot traffic to their establishments.

NEWM x Nucast - Music Video Festival

A Music Video Fest 2023 as an annual recurring event to capture the love and attention of audiences.

IoT NMKR integration

An opensource integration of NMKR's APIs with ESP32, enabling direct NFT minting from embedded devices. The repository empowers embedded engineers and Arduino users to experiment on Cardano.

Clarity <> NMKR: Governance Token Creation Integration

An integration of NMKR APIs, to offer a seamless and user-friendly solution for DAO creators to generate governance tokens with appropriate properties, ensuring smooth interaction with Clarity.

NEWM x Sick City - The Record Store Music Collectibles 2.0

An update of the UX/UI of recordstore.newm.io and adding an Artist Success Service to guide artists through launching their music, and the benefits of utilizing Web3 for music distribution.

Catalyst Completed Project NFTs

Completed Projects mint custom "Project Completion'' NFTs via NMKR API & LidoNation Catalyst Explorer. Minting a completion NFT is a celebration, a ceremony, a shareable trackable community artifact.

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