Create your project and fine-tune the fundamental settings.
To create a new project, go to the NFT Projects Tab and select "Create new Project".
create new projects in the NFT Projects Tab
This will open a new Tab where you will configure the fundamental settings for your project. It's a simple four-step process, and if you need to change something, you can always return to the previous page by clicking "previous."

Information Tab

Many of these settings can be changed, but some cannot be changed after the project is created. You can't change whether the project is for fungible or non-fungible tokens, and you can't change the policy locking settings after you created the project. Please read the policy documentation to learn more about these very important settings.
The information tab with basic settings of your project

Decide if the project is for Fungible or Non-Fungible Tokens

It is preselected to create a Non-Fungible Token, if you want to create a Fungible Token, please select "Fungible Token (FT) project" and specify the maximum Token supply. The maximum Token supply limits the amount of Fungible Tokens (identical copies) that can be minted for each token that is uploaded to the project. Fungible Tokens can be produced in numerous batches within the same project, but they will all have the same maximum supply. If this is not what you want, kindly start a new project for each batch. If you want to learn more, please read Non-Fungible Tokens and Fungible Tokens.
Create Fungible or Non-Fungible Tokens

Project Name

Give the project a unique name. This name won't be shared and will only be used to make it easier for you to locate your project in the NFT projects tab.

Project Image

The image you can upload by clicking "Upload project image" will be only used for NMKR Pay PNG files with a 300x100px maximum size are acceptable.

Project URL and Description

The project URL and Description won't be shared and are also optional. They should help you to better identify your projects.

Token Name Prefix

The Token Name Prefix can contain maximum 15 characters and no special characters. This Prefix will be added to the Asset Name of each token in the project. If you specify a prefix here, please don't add another one in the Tokens metadata or you will have them double.

Address Reservation Time

Specify how long the token is reserved for the customer via NMKR Pay. The token will shift from "reserved" to "free" and become available to mint for other customers if a client doesn't pay within that period.

Sendback to customer

The sendback or MinUtxo is a minimum amount of ADA that has to be send together with each transaction that contains an NFT. This is a Cardano requirement and is mandatory except you activate the MultiSig payment. The standard is 2ADA for each NFT, but you can decide if you want to choose 2ADA for every 5 NFTs, or the option "MinUtxo" which calculates for every transaction depending on the token amount and metadata size.

Payout Wallet

Please select the wallet that you want to use to receive the funds from the sales. If you don't find any wallets to select in the dropdown, please set up a wallet for your account first. The payout wallet you specify here, will be the main receiver wallet if you specify any additional payout wallets.

Policy Tab

In the second step of creating your project, you either set up a new policy or you choose to import an existing policy.
Create a new policy or import an existing one

Create a new policy for your new project

If you decide to create a new policy ID, please decide if you want to have the policy locked and also specify the locking date.
The Policy locking and specified locking dates can't be changed afterwards! Please read the policy documentation if you need more details to understand what this means.

Import a policy for a new project

To learn how to import a policy ID, please read the documentation about how to use one policy ID for multiple projects.

Metadata Tab

The metadata tab shows you the standard Metadata template of your project. It is recommended to use the standard template for creating the project. You can edit the metadata template whenever you want in your project's settings.

Summary Tab

The summary allows you to determine whether all of your settings are specified correctly. Please double-check before clicking "save project" to create the project. If you need to make changes, please use "previous" to navigate to the previous tabs.
Check your settings on the summary tab