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Manage multiple individual projects in one account with NMKR Studio
NMKR Studio allows you to manage multiple projects with different policy IDs or even projects with shared policy IDs on one account.

NFT Projects Tab

Access the NFT projects tab via the Menu bar on the left.
The project manager tab displays all projects associated with your account; it is where you can create new projects and manage existing ones. You can sort the list by active, suspended, or finished projects.
If a project is missing from the list, please filter for finished projects and check to see if your policy is locked. If your policy has been locked, you must create a new one. For more details about policies read here.
The Manage Tokens Tab

Filter by state of the project

For a better overview, it can make sense to filter by the state of the project. This allows you to only show projects that are active/suspended/finished. Projects with an expired policy will automatically be removed from the active projects and added to the suspended ones.
Filter by state of the project


Last modified 1yr ago