How to Airdrop Tokens

Airdrop / send tokens to wallet addresses

Airdropping describes to send NFTs to specific wallet addresses or holders of tokens of a specific policy ID. The NFT will be received without the need to sign a transaction or to pay for the token. The cost will be covered by the sender. This workflow will cover the random airdrop to addresses and to token holders of a specific policy ID, for more details and other airdrop features please read the documentation.

1) Collect addresses

The first step is to collect the addresses that should receive the airdrop. You can do this manually, or in case you want to airdrop to token holders of a specific policy, you can also use the built in policy snapshot tool for that. If you want to airdrop to holders of a specific policy ID, jump to step 3).

2) Create an address list

Create a simple txt file with any editor software and paste the addresses into the file. Each line is allowed to contain one address.

2) Buy Mint Coupons

An airdrop will take 1 Mint Coupon for every airdropped token.

3) Set up the Airdropper

Navigate to the Project overview and select the "Airdrop" button under "Manage Project" on the right side of the project that contains the tokens that should be airdropped to the addresses. Click "Upload Addresses" and upload the txt file or click "Use addresses with a specific policy ID". Select the amount for each single airdrop. Choose the method "Only one drop per wallet" if every address on the list should receive only one airdrop, or "Send drop to ALL addresses" if there are some addresses multiple times in the address list and they should receive an airdrop for every entry.

4) Send the airdrop

Click on "Start Airdrop" to start the airdropping process. You can check the process in the Mint and Send Jobs overview.

More details

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