Learn to use NMKR Studio in a safe test environment

The Testnet of Cardano is identical to the structure of the Mainnet of Cardano. However, both networks are completely independent networks. This is why you need to create a Testnet Account with NMKR Studio and are not able to interact with mainnet projects on the testnet environment. The Testnet also has it's own Testnet API, that can be used in the same way as the Mainnet.

The Testnet Version of NMKR Studio is running on the Preprod Testnet of Cardano.

As both versions of NMKR Studio, Testnet and Mainnet are the same you can use the Mainnet Documentation of NMKR Studio to learn how to use the NMKR Studio Testnet Version. This Also applies for the API Swagger Docuementation for the Mainnet.

NMKR Studio:

NMKR API Swagger:


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