Managed Wallets

Create and manage wallets for your customers

Managed Wallets are wallets that you create for your user. This can be very helpful to onboard new users that don't have a Cardano Wallet yet. You Can create and manage these wallets via NMKR Studio or the NMKR API.

Create a Managed Wallet

Navigate to the Tools section and select Managed Wallets. Then select "Add new Managed Wallets" to create a new wallet. Specify a wallet name and password and select the Address Type. Click on save and note down the seed phrase and address for further use.

Base Managed Wallet

This wallet type is a regular wallet with and address hash with about 100 characters

Enterprise Managed Wallet

This wallet type is an enterprise wallet with a very short address hash with about only 60 characters. This address type is often used for smart contracts and dApp addresses.

Only share the seedphrase with entities that should have access to this wallet.

Edit Managed Wallet

Select "Edit" to change the wallet name or set it inactive. By clicking "Delete" your wallet will be deleted from NMKR Studio.

Show Balance of Managed Wallet

Selecting "Show Balance" will give you an overview about the ADA value and the quantity, policy IDs and token names of each asset in this wallet.

Use Managed Wallets with the NMKR API

You can also use Managed Wallets from the NMKR API. The API covers the Managed Wallets Features of NMKR Studio and additionally allows you to import wallets by seedphrase as well as to make transactions from this Managed Wallet.

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