Manual Minting

Mint and send single tokens manually to specific wallet addresses

To mint and send single tokens directly to a wallet address you want to use the manual mint and send feature of NMKR Studio.

The manual mint of 1 NFT will cost 1 Mint Coupon. It will also cost only 1 Mint Coupon if you are going to send multiple Fungible Tokens. The amount that can be sent in one Transaction is depending on the metadata size (up to 1 Million Tokens). To further reduce the cost of manual minting, please set the Sendback in your project settings to MinUtxo. This will calculate the sendback for each transaction depending on the metadata size and token amount.

Go to the manage NFTs tab of your project and click the "Send to Address" button in the actions bar on the right of the specific token that you want to send to an address.

Add the Wallet Address or adahandle of the receiver and click "Mint and send NFT".

In case you are sending Fungible Tokens, please also select the amount to send.

The token will now be minted and sent to the holders' wallet. You can monitor process in the Mint and Send Jobs tab.