API Keys

Create API Keys to utilize the NMKR API and control the permissions for each Key individually

Manage your API Keys

To grant or restrict access to specific services, we use a key-based authentication approach with our API. On the Manage API Keys page, you can create new keys, set their rights and expiration dates, and restrict IP access.

In NMKR Studio, you can generate an infinite number of API keys.

Note - NEVER share your API Keys ANYWHERE

This is particularly important if you intend to make API calls based on actions on your website, please see our Security Practises for more details.

Create API Key

The first thing you need to do, is create your API Keys, this is a very simple process. Start by navigating to the 'Manage API Keys' Section.

Next, click on "create new API Key".

We should now see a new screen which allows us to perform the initial set up of our API Keys.

Note - You can make, create and delete as many Keys as you like, there is no limitation. But for safety reasons, please delete the keys that you don't need anymore.

Also note the expiry date is within a reasonable timeframe (the default is probably good enough). Once you are happy, select 'Create Apikey'.

Note the Key

Once created, you get one chance to make a note of the API Key. This is the most important part, so make a note of this and keep it very safe.

Note - Anyone who has this API key can use the active features - DO NOT SHARE IT

Editing Settings

You will now find each created API key on your overview.

Selecting the edit button will allow you to change the name and expiry date of your API Key.

Restrict by IP

Following on from above, selecting the alarm clock icon will allow you to further lock down who can use the API Key, based on their IP address. This menu allows you to manage this via combinations of Allow/Deny Rules.

Note - the default is set to 'Allow all' which will be sufficient if you ensure that your API Key is kept safe.

If you ever have reason to believe your API Key is compromised, we would recommend deleting it as mentioned above and generating a new one.

Revoke the API Key

Please click the button to remove an API Key's permissions once it is no longer required.

For more information about how to use the API please check out the API documentation here. Or the Testnet API Documentation here.