Create Testnet Account

Create a Testnet account for the Preprod Testnet Environment

The Testnet is a copy of the Cardano Mainnet, but as the Testnet and the Mainnet are two completely different and independed networks, you need to create a new account for the Testnet.

Sign Up for a testnet account

Use the link below to sign up for a testnet account. The Registration process is the same as for the Mainnet Account.

With this account you are now able to log-in to the Testnet Version of NMKR Studio. To not mix up both accounts while working on your projects, you can identify the Testnet Version by the big red "Preprod" tag below your account details.

You can now start using your testnet account.

If you want to buy mint Coupons or interact in any way with the testnet projects, please use a testnet wallet and testnet ADA.